Future-ready pre-roll machines designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Your key to higher pre-roll output, lower labor costs, and optimized production with flexible modular automation.

Streamline production processes to craft superior, high-margin pre-rolls with precision.

As more individuals are turning to pre-rolls, the fastest growing and highest year-over-year sales category, it’s crucial to foster brand loyalty. STM Canna’s competitively priced commercial pre-roll machines and automation solutions showcase our industry-leading one-tray workflow, ensuring unparalleled automation from grind to close. Elevate your brand in this flourishing market by providing top-notch pre-roll experiences through our cutting-edge solutions.

Clients Trust STM Products


STM Revolution Grinders preserve precious terpenes and cannabinoids using low-heat, low-friction grinding.

Fill / Pack

STM RocketBox commercial pre-roll machines accurately fill and pack pre-rolls in 45 seconds.


Quickly and accurately weigh up to 72 joints using STM Canna’s LaunchPad scale for superior quality control.


STM Canna’s Atomic Closer can fold up to 72 pre-rolls in 45 seconds with a polished Dutch crown.

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Producing the industry’s best automated commercial pre-roll machines since 2017.

STM Canna offers cutting-edge technologies and systems to produce up to 10,000 daily pre-rolls (or more). Our equipment streamlines your production processes for maximum efficiency. We’re the most affordable solution for pre-roll machines at scale.

Superior pre-roll machines and automation systems from grind to close.

STM Canna’s high-quality, American-made systems feature a simple one-tray workflow, so you can rapidly move through pre-roll production from grind to close. Our pre-roll machines meet or exceed the capacity of all-in-one systems that cost up to 4x more.

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